Get involved! Once the libraries are closed on the Isle of Wight, they won't ever open again. Our children and grandchildren will lose these valuable assets for ever.
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Jon Henley has written a superb article about library closures across the country, using the Island as an illustration. He visited Ventnor Library and Bembridge Library on Wednesday with photographer Martin Godwin. They were really friendly and professional. Jon made the effort to talk with a lot of people and Martin took loads of photos, so they got a good range of opinions and views.

Cllr George Brown makes some surprising claims… (see also

You can read it online at

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4 Responses to Buy today’s Guardian!

  1. Dave J.Quigley says:

    Thanks for trying to save our wonderful libraries, A petition was organised in East Cowes which was presented to Cllr George Brown on Thursday morning. We must try to save our libraries, they do a great job in helping to get the children reading, a job that used to be done by mum staying at home while dad was out to work. In this hectic modern life where, in order to survive, both parents need to work, the service offered by our libraries is of great importance, after all, todays children are the future of our “green and pleasant land”. I was first taken to Cowes library in 1945 and have been using both Cowes and East Cowes premises ever since, when the fairly meagre amount of cash to be saved by these closures is measured against the loss to be suffered by the electorate- the closures are totally idiotic.

  2. rowan says:

    The Guardian sold out in Ventnor yesterday!

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