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Ventnor Town Council meeting 1900 tonight Wed 19 January – please come along

The future of Ventnor Library is up for discussion at the Ventnor Town Council meeting tonight.

Please come along and let the town council know what you think. The procedure is usually that although the public aren’t allowed to speak while the council business is going on in the regular meeting, there’s a public forum at the beginning at 1900 and then again at the end.

The crucial question is whether the town council should ‘express an interest’ in running a so-called ‘Library Local’ if the Isle of Wight Council carry out their threat to close Ventnor Library.

In my view this ‘offer’ from the Council for local communities to run their own library service is a sham for many reasons, the main two being that the librarians will have been thrown on the dole queue and the library building will have been sold off.

The ‘consultation’ document (online only available as a 3.2MB download, which just shows how the Council assumes everybody has a computer with broadband) suggests on page 6 that a ‘Library Local’ could be in ‘pubs, shops or community centres’.

Since the Council has already closed the Ventnor Tourist Information Centre and the Coastal Visitor Information Centre, and is proposing to close several schools, and to stop funding Ventnor Botanic Garden, and the Town Council is proposing to close the Winter Gardens, it is difficult to know what community centres will be left which could possibly house a library even if there were the money and the proper librarians to run them.

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  1. Rowan says:

    Forgot to give link to Events on the Wight which gives agenda details in better format:

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