Get involved! Once the libraries are closed on the Isle of Wight, they won't ever open again. Our children and grandchildren will lose these valuable assets for ever.
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Friends of Ventnor Library – first meeting Wed 16 March

There’ll be a meeting at Ventnor Library this Wednesday 16 March at 6 in Ventnor Library itself.

The Friends group intends to support the library staff and enhance the library.

So all Ventnor Library users, do come along and support Ventnor Library!

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National legal challenge to library closures – send evidence by 30 March!

Hi folks

My apologies for not having posted for so long – been busy with other things, and will still be busy for next two weeks. But some important stuff…

Ventnor Blog, blessings upon them, have highlighted  and 

the excellent Alan Gibbons’ Campaign for the Book 

and the proposed national legal challenge on their behalf by Leigh Day & Co on library closures:

So what we need to do by Wednesday 30 March is to send any evidence we’ve got to support the legal challenge to

DaveQ’s letter to the Secretary of State has already challenged the Isle of Wight Council’s decision – see Ventnor Blog article

in which he asked for people to contact him at

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Library discussion at Quay Arts this evening

Ventnor Blog have organised a visit by Tim Coates to the Quay at 6 this evening:

Come along and join in the debate!

Rumour has it that Tim Coates may suggest changes to the way books are ordered, so it may be interesting to check out the Council’s Stock Management Policy (only 332 KB download) from

Google Tim Coates and you get a wide range of views, both good and sceptical. Here’s an interesting sceptical one – it’s old by web standards, from 2004, so it’ll be intersting to see if things have changed!

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Save Ventnor Library Campaign meeting tomorrow

Come along to the

Save Ventnor Library Campaign

meeting 1400 tomorrow Saturday 12 February

at Ventnor Community Cafe, 1 Albert Street

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Library discussions at Quay next Tuesday

Simon and Sal at Ventnor Blog have set up this visit to the Island by Tim Coates:

So come along and join in the debate!

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Watch Meridian at 6 tonight Wed 9 Feb

ITV visited the Island today. We don’t know for sure if we’ll be on TV, but we might be on Meridian tonight at 6.

They wanted to find out what some of us thought about the Isle of Wight Council Cabinet decision on libraries last night.

See Ventnor Blog’s coverage on (libraries discussed 1935)

We should all congratulate ourselves on having persuaded the Council to back down a bit, because they might have just gone ahead with closing 5 libraries at the end of March and another 4 at the end of March 2012 as planned.

But we need to keep campaigning, because the Council do still want to close 9 out of 11 libraries and make most of the librarians redundant.

All they’ve proposed yesterday is a stay of execution.

They’re still trying to make out that having ‘Libraries Local’ funded and run by volunteers in the back of a shop or pub will be as good as proper public libraries in proper library builidngs funded by our council taxes and staffed by proper librarians.

It seems that they still don’t get it that a decent civilised democratic society needs public libraries in towns and villages, not 10-15 miles away from where thousands of Islanders live.

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Call You and Yours tomorrow!

Radio 4′s You and Yours programme (12-1 weekdays) are asking people for their views on libraries tomorrow, Tuesday 8 February – see

‘Are councils right to save money by closing public libraries – has the easy availability of affordable books made libraries less important than ever?

‘As local councils look for ways to save money, many have identified cuts in their public library services. These cuts have been vociferously opposed by a number of high profile authors as an attack on a vital educational service.

‘But are lending libraries really as essential as they once were? Supermarkets are selling popular novels at knock-down prices, bookshops offers 3 for 2 on a wide range of publications, paperbacks can be ordered online for the price of a takeaway meal, and books can be bought for tuppence from second hand shops. And now as online retailer Amazon reports sales of their e-reader made up more than 15% of their paperback sales last year in the US, are we wise to spend scarce public funds on our libraries?

‘But many libraries fulfil more needs than just reading. What does your library do for you? Could you live without it? How do you and your family access literature?’

The Call You and Yours website says that to take part call 03700 100 444 between 10am and 1pm on the day, or call in advance and leave a message with your telephone number.

You can text by texting YOU and your message to 63399.

You can write to  You and Yours, BBC Radio 4, Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA (sorry, bit late now!).

You can email

There’s also a form on the website

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Library celebrations today!

Musicians at Ventnor Library are just setting up for a day of music

Sandown’s celebration starts at 11

Come along and join in the fun!

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Buy today’s Guardian!

Jon Henley has written a superb article about library closures across the country, using the Island as an illustration. He visited Ventnor Library and Bembridge Library on Wednesday with photographer Martin Godwin. They were really friendly and professional. Jon made the effort to talk with a lot of people and Martin took loads of photos, so they got a good range of opinions and views.

Cllr George Brown makes some surprising claims… (see also

You can read it online at

but why not say thank you by going out and buying a copy?!

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People in Egypt protect libraries too!

See this inspiring report from the Guardian about how young people in Alexandria are protecting the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from looters in the Egyptian uprising:

If that doesn’t inspire us what will?!

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